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Hostgator Cent And A Big Welcome

Hostgator Cent is here! And a big welcome for any of you that is new to Hostgator. This website had been put together not only to offer you the best Hostgator Coupon Codes but also to show you how to use Hostgator and to get the best value for money with it.

It was many years ago when I first discovered Hostgator…..It must have been 2005 (or thereabouts) and I was looking for much better hosting. I had been a customer of Fast Hosts for the past year and it was costing me a small fortune. It was about 10 pounds ($21) per domain I owned for hosting per month. Not to mention poor customer service.

It was just not good business sense to stay with them – then I discovered Hostgator and realised that for the price of one domain I could host up to 100 on one account. Talk about a solution.

This website is now hosted by Hostgator and so are many others of my domains. And the prices are so much cheaper and they never go down which makes a great difference to us :)

The worst thing that could happen with a website would be if it went down when you were in the middle of a launch!

So as I celebrate my ninth year with Hostgator I am creating “Hostgator Cent” so that you too can start your Hostgator journey.

If you want to get started straight away with Hostgator here is my coupon code to get started for just 1 cent:


And I wish you the best luck with your Hostgator account and I hope it goes well for you!

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